Kindness Week

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February 11, 2013 by TheBadNewsFairy

‘Tis a busy week this week of February 10, 2013. Tomorrow is Mardi Gras, Thursday is Valentine’s, today is Day One of Ellen DeGeneres’s “Kick in the Kindness” Week, and a quartet of random strangers showed up on my doorstep and gave me some quite delicious chocolate chip cookies a few days ago. Seems like a time to assault – I mean inflict – I mean shower – the world around me with some random acts of kindness of my own.

What can I do? Limitations: severe social anxiety, no car, no license, no IRL friends or family living nearby, and limited funds.

Assets: willingness to do something fun and at least sort of kind! Wheee!

Ideas so far:

1. tape envelopes containing grocery store gift cards to random shopping carts, with a little note explaining it’s an RAOK and there really is money on the card.

2. Stick bookstore gift cards inside random books at the library (ideally, because those who check out books must be doing so because they love books enought to really appreciate being able to own one at no cost to them? Hmm)

3. Look up random addresses in the phone book and send upbeat handwritten letters to them. This could well nigh backfire, though.

4. Have some treats sent to a random missionary up at the local MTC. I may not be a fan of organized religion, considering, but loneliness sucks, I like to alleviate it when I can, and I know where they are. On the other hand, that can get pricey, and you also have to know their room numbers and possibly names.

5. Invest a little in a Kiva member, or donate to a struggling but good project on


What else? None of that seems particularly good or inspired enough. I am ashamed of my lack of inpsiration! Ashamed, I tell you!


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