Tiny Bouquet 1

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February 21, 2013 by TheBadNewsFairy

Tiny Gift Card Bouquet 1

So, attempt two at Kindness Week of RAOK’s was to put this bouquet somewhere. I had meant to plant it in some soft dirt at a crosswalk the local students pass, because who is more likely to appreciate a random surprise of gift cards than a starving student? Especially when one of those cards will pay for a decent meal? But, as it turns out, the ground is rock solid AND the stems of those note card holding flower sticks are pretty fragile. So, this got packed in an envelope with an explanatory note, and left in a lady’s restroom. A public women’s restroom, that is, I didn’t just barge in to someone’s house 🙂

$5 to Victoria’s Secret (very nice selection of lip glosses and mascaras for under $5 there), $5 to Hallmark (catalogue of trinkets and cards just for fun), and $10 to Red Robin, because the only place I could find that wasn’t swarming with people was Red Robin, and, crossroads plan abandoned, it seemed logistically nicer to leave a card for somewhere someone was already at than somewhere they’d have to hop into a car to get to).

I hope whoever found this got some fun out of it. And if it was someone who already works at Red Robin and may be sick of the food already, um, oops.


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