Good surprises: they’re good! (Day 5-ish of Kindness Week)

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March 16, 2013 by TheBadNewsFairy

I’m still struggling to come up with really good RAOK ideas that are fun, maybe a little helpful, and either free or inexpensive for me (because poverty), and I’ve been feeling a little discouraged. I had ideas, but not many I thought were really great. No. That’s not true. Not a little discouraged. A LOT discouraged. I’d assumed I could come up with awesome good things by the sheer force of my ingenuity and creativity and wit. And the days rolled on as a blank, blank, thing, because ego and hubris and pride and all their bloated, distorted cousins have a way of drying up one’s usefulness as a creative non-narcissistic thinker (well, for me). And so, last night, after several weeks of floundering, I snapped. I did about half a year’s worth of my neglected laundry in a night, drowned my sorrows in a couple of frozen mocha latte’s and a caffeinated peach drink, and spent all of last night and today wallowing in the failure that is moi, in earnest.

Then it was time to get groceries.

When suddenly –

Out of the blue, *I* became the target of a random act of kindness. A college student named Joseph saw me trying to balance groceries in the Smith’s parking lot, and offered the services of himself and his entire F.H.E. group and a engagingly rickety pickup truck to get me home. Those kids, gosh they were fun, and at the end of the ride, one of them seized the opportunity to motor surf (it’s like road surfing – but inside the truck’s carrier . . . thingy . . . and that was a lot of fun.  And by the time I got home a few minutes later, I was ineffably cheered and energized.

One simple, unlooked-for RAoK, lasting a few minutes, wiped out a few weeks worth of doldrums. It reminded me, 1. There are a good GOOD people in this world. 2. A simple act of kindness goes a long way, 3. and of K.I.S.S. principle (which I choose to translate to Keep It Simple, Silly).

So tomorrow, I’m going to go the bank – no, not tomorrow. Tomorrow’s Saturday. Not today, either, because today’s currently 8:51 pm. So, then, Monday, I’m going to the bank, getting a roll or two of quarters, and leaving them whole in the student housing laundromats in my neighborhood. I never did get the license plate number of that truck, and my sleep-deprived memory recalls only two whole names, only one of which belonged to one of the wonderful someone’s actually in that truck. So this’ll be a paying it forward sort of RAoK, and hopefully the ripples will keep on going, and get back to them somehow 🙂 Or if not, maybe someone else will be a little bit happier for a good surprise.

Huzzah for the generosity of crazy happy kids and their creative approach to transport – I totally did not see one of you motor surfing at all, nuh uh. Although if I had I would have been delighted and amused and charmed. And double hurray for the existence of good surprises 🙂 Particular thanks to Joseph of the yellow shirt with dark stripes, and the one who drove whose name starts with ‘A’, and the girl whose name I’ve clean forgotten but who my capricious mind remembers as knowing someone from one of my hometowns with the last name of Morgan. (I’m so sorry, I’ve had no sleep for a couple of days and the short term memory is currently not what it should be). May good things follow you all wherever you go, and may your “grill out” be a roaring success.


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